Frequently Asked Questions

What is disc golf?

You may have googled and found Wikipedia saying "Disc golf, also known as Frolf, is a flying disc game, as well as a precision and accuracy sport, in which individual players throw a flying disc at a target." What it fails to mention is that it is the single most awesome sport in the world according to the majority of people we choose to listen to. There's probably a course in your area; try it today  and come back for a tag tomorrow!

I know what disc golf is, but what is a disc golf bag tag?

This kind of bag tag is not for your suitcase. In disc golf, bag tags are displayed on your disc bag for everyone to see. Each tag has a unique number; the lower the number the better the player usually is. If you see someone else with a tag, you can challenge them to a round. Who ever wins, keeps the lower numbered tag.

What is special about your dgtags?

They're heavy duty PVC plastic and individually numbered to show your ranking. They're a lot more durable than your average bag tag to endure its journey around the world's disc golf courses. There is a unique QR code on the back of every tag, which makes tracking and registering really easy. Just scan the code and we can update where the tag is. After you register your tag, you can challenge other players at a nearby location or when you travel and claim ownership of another tag after a won challenge. It’s simple, fun, and a chance to meet new players.

My local club already has tags, why would I want yours?

All other tags are local and only span a single season. This tag group consists of players all over the world. If you travel and stop at some new courses, you can easily identify disc golfers to play a round with. You don't have to worry about beating someone in order to challenge them. It's all just fun. If you didn't get to play as much this year, it doesn't matter. Keep your tag for next year, since it’s continuous. There's no reason you can't be in multiple tag groups, keep your local tag and sport ours next to it.

Do I need to be a part of Reddit to join?

Absolutely not, but this is where discussions will be held.

I have a tag from last year that has 2015 printed. Do I need a new tag?

To be part of this unique global disc golf experience, you would need one of our new dgtags, which have a QR code on the back. This makes tracking and registering really easy. With one quick scan the location of your tag can be updated and you can claim ownership of another tag in no time after a disc golf challenge. Keep your 2015 tag as a momento and get ours for a world wide disc golf challenge.

Why do the dgtags have QR codes?

The QR code does not only make tracking and registering really easy and quick, but also guarantees a fair ranking system. The individual QR code on each dgtag prevents inaccurate claims of bag tags, since a player has to have the six digit code to register and claim a tag. Simply enter the tag number and code or scan it with your smartphone.

Which QR scanners do you recommend?

iOS  Quick Scan - QR Code Reader By iHandy Inc. 

Android  Barcode Scanner By ZXing Team  

Are the dgtags starting at tag 1?

Yes, our dgtags start at tag 1, since we improved the tags’ stability and added QR codes for better tracking on our map. It’s now easier and faster to join the fun.

My local club re-issues tags every year. Why don't you?

We're spread out all around the world. Chances are you will not see tag #1 this year. Therefore, the tags need a lot more time to travel and will not be re-issued.

Won’t a lot of tags go missing over the years?

Yes, we expect there to be lost tags and tags that aren't registered. With so many players over such a large distance, this is bound to happen. We don't see this as a problem. What matters is spotting a higher or lower tag than your own.

How do I increase/decrease my rank after a won/lost challenge?

Simply enter the six-digit code on the back of your dgtag or scan the QR code with your smartphone and confirm the claim of the new tag. You may associate the tag swap with a public or private challenge. The rank is updated in up to 10 minutes.

I've swapped my tag, why do I not see this on the map?

It may take up to 10 minutes to see the update on the front page and map.