Our vision is to connect disc golfers all over the world in order to meet new players, try out new courses and challenge players worldwide. With our unique global ranking and tracking system and the "dgtag" bag tag at the center of it, disc golfers can view at one glance where the top players are located on our interactive map and challenge any player around the world to a round of disc golf. The best player gets to keep the lower numbered tag and can register it with just one quick scan of the tag’s QR code. The new rank and location of the tag can be seen on our website instantly.

Quick and easy - a whole new digitalized disc golf experience!

dgtags.com also informs and alerts you about public challenges nearby, so that you don’t miss out on the fun. On top of this, it links to the reddit disc golf community, discussions and further information about disc golf on reddit.com. In our online shop, you can purchase the new dgtags as well as additional disc golf equipment.